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A kind of a Love Song
By Dwight Taylor

Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy
Edited by James Henderson and Patrick Slattery

Democratic Responses In An Era Of Standardization

Using Children's Literature to Learn About Disabilities and Illness, 2nd edition
By Joan Blaska

School Leadership: Communication, Relationship and Problem Solving Skills for School Principals
By Lawrence Giandomenico && Lawrence Shulman

Relationship && the Arts In Teacher Education
By Margret Yonemura

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The Press for professionals with new or classic manuscripts, conference proceedings, even out-of-print!

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EIP's combination of highly trained publishing personnel, coupled with the latest in electronic publishing/manufacturing technologies, allows us to publish your book faster and more professionally than ever before.

Our sales and distribution are worldwide, yet we can manufacture for audiences as small as 25. Due to our state-of-the-art international electronic printing capabilities, we are always able to print as many or as few copies as needed and no book need ever go out-of-print. We are committed to keeping fine books available regardless of limited demand.

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